Ep 109: Andrew Ellard – World’s Worst Evil Genius

*swivels around in enormous winged chair*

Ah, Mr.Podcast Listener, we’ve been expecting you.  The guest in our deadly lair this week is master script editor Andrew Ellard, who joins us on a tour of the most woeful evil geniuses in fact and fiction.

Andrew brings an astonishing movie abomination from the 1960s making an absolute hash of the memory of 007.  Meanwhile Barry tells the tales of the most dangerous Xhosa tribeswoman ever, the man who amplified Hitler and the scariest quiz contestant to make it onto TV.  To finish off Ben has two mighty tales of a Nobel prize winning Japanese novelist whose homoerotic cult went badly wrong and the self-made growth-hormone millionaire who dreamed of a creating a New Utopia at the end of the 1990s.

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