Ep 140: Roann McCloskey – World’s Worst Feminist

Ladies (and gents, but only if you’re ready to play nice), let’s march arm in arm towards a more equal, happier future. Along the way, we’re likely to learn from the mistakes of some of the World’s Worst Feminists that we discuss with powerhouse performer Roann McCloskey. Roann turns her ire on the disappointing lack of solidarity from the likes of Germaine Greer and Paula Radcliffe. Barry dons a hazmat suit and ventures onto the darker message boards of the internet. And Ben takes us on an actual WITCH hunt. This is a bumper episode, with some quite meaty and serious chat about feminism and equality which we didn’t want to cut out so settle in as two men tiptoe gingerly around, guided by a badass lady – as it should be!

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