Ep 300: Worst Foot Forward turns 300!

  • Released: Monday, June 24th, 2024
  • Filed Under: Podcast

Some said it couldn’t be done. Some said it SHOULDN’T be done. But here we are – the podcast has reached 300 episodes! So the proud parents are taking out the photo album to show off some of their big strong pod-child’s embarrassing snaps from its youth. In the time-honoured style of one of those TV retrospective shows, Barry and Ben each share 3 of their favourite facts from the show, 5 of their favourite moments and their favourite episode. Enjoy some classic Worst Foot Forward clips such as Lisztomania, Morrissey’s appalling sex scenes, live audience sound FX, George Sitwell’s wasp gun and the lifespan of astatine. 

The show features the following guests, in order of appearance: Bethany Black, Moxie Labouche, Georgie Morrell (now Georgie Wyatt), Joshua Tonks, Seb Falk, Helen Arnie, Professor Elemental, Tristan Bernays, Tulip Siddiq MP, Alexander Bennett, Paul Duncan McGarrity, Dr Kit Chapman, Robyn Perkins, Joel Morris, Bec Hill, Jay Foreman, Ria Lina, Johnny Chiodini, Ellie Gibson, Will Seaward and Dr Keir Shiels.

Thanks to all our guests over the past 8 years and 300 episodes, to all our listeners and to all our Patreon donors. It’s been quite the wild ride. We hope you enjoy this chance to glance back at our skidmarks.

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