Ep 48: Masud Milas – World’s Worst Blaxploitation Movie

*Cue outrageously funky wah-wah pedal and slick hi-hat action* Flick up the collars of your trenchcoat, coiffure your Afro to perfection and get ready to lay some righteous Smackdown on Whitey and the establishment as we join comedian and radio host Masud Milas on a journey into the world of Blaxploitation films. As ever on our search for the worst of all time, we come across all sorts of horrifying wonders, including gay B-Movie Blaxploitation aliens from Mars, Dutch Angles, spitting on graves, pimps and whores galore and Melvin Van Peebles penis. PART 1 [00:00] PART 2 [05:23] What Masud is Worst at in the world PART 3 [07:55] Ben’s Choice: Background to Blaxploitation movies African-American Folk Heroes in Literature Gay N****** From Outer Space PART 4 [31:28] Masud’s Choice: The Black Gestapo PART 5 [46:28] Barry’s Choice: Trailers Pam Grier Dolomite/Rudy Ray Moore Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song PART 6 [1:05:06} The Winner World’s Worst News Follow us on Twitter: @worstfoot @bazmcstay @benvandervelde @MasudMilas

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