BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! We are doing our first ever LIVE RECORDING of Worst Foot Forward! It’s time to allow an audience to witness just how shambolic things are behind-the-mic…

On February 29th 2020, at 4.30pm, we are throwing the World’s Worst Dinner Party at the VAULT Festival in Waterloo in London. Ben and Barry will be joined by 3 former guests of the podcast – yet to be announced, but we promise you, they’re among our and your favourites from the past 3 years of shows. We will be trying out some food from the Futurists Cookbook. There will probably be party games, anecdotes, audience questions, our usual mix of silliness and trivia, and a whole lot else besides. Tickets are on sale right now so please get booking – because we want to see as many of you wonderful listeners as we can, and because we are terrified of no one coming! You can find all the details at this link here: 


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