The People’s Foot: Joel Morris – World’s Worst Musical Film

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It’s the week of our 250th show and we’ve planned a bumper celebration period for you! Coming up on Wednesday you’ll get the 250th episode itself with lots of special appearances by past guests, facts sent in by you lot and some party trivia from Barry and Ben. On Friday there will be a 3rd Foot all about the number 250. But to start off the festivities, we asked our Twitter followers what their favourite Worst Foot episode has been and one show kept being mentioned: Episode 93 with Joel Morris about the World’s Worst Musical Film. So we are re-releasing that show, your fan favourite choice, with a special new intro by Joel. Featuring lots of Ringo Starr, a smattering of sport and a whole lot of Liszt. Thanks for supporting us through the past 5 years, see you on Wednesday for the big birthday bash!

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