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In a world where two trivia nerds are able to trap the honorary librarian of the Liberal Club in a posh shed out the back of a nice flat in Hampstead, anything is possible.  And this week, in that world, we chat to the marvelous journalist, academic and storyhouse of anecdote Dr Seth Thevoz about the worst voiceovers in history.  Ben has trouble with Republican sausage rolls, Barry finds out about fomenting revolution and Seth bring us a very drunk Orson Welles behaving very badly indeed.

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joel morris - world’s worst musical film

This week we are jazz-handing, kicklining and tumbling sideways off a swirling staircase into a pile of soggy Busby Berkeley girls. It’s time for us to explore the World’s Worst Musical Films with a show-stopping guest in the form of acclaimed comedy writer Joel Morris. If you think you’ve seen bad musicals well, you ain’t heard nothing yet folks. Barry plots his way through a plotless film starring The Beegees but using the music of The Beatles, Joel teaches us to be sexy with octogenarian Mae West and Ben…oh Ben…Ben gives us the gift of Franz Liszt.


Lydia Mizon - World's Worst Quiz Contestant

A podcast featuring a champion of the BBC's hardest quiz talking to two idiots about the World's Worst Quiz Contestant. Buzz! What is Worst Foot Forward's 73rd Episode?

Correct, and well done for putting your answer in the form of a question. We have Lydia Mizon as our guest, captain of the Escapologists, the winners of series 13 of 'Only Connect'. We interrogate loveable losers from shows as diverse as Mastermind, Pointless and The Weakest Link, we question the infamous Major Ingram and his Millionaire conspirators, and we ask just what exactly a multiple-murderer is doing on Bullseye.

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We’re indulging our consumerist instincts this week in the company of actor, host of the Average at Best Podcast and star of countless commercials, Oliver Powell. Ollie helps us glaze over in the face of the World’s Worst Adverts, with insights into life on the set of his recent Durex ad. Barry examines the product placement habits of 007, and Ben describes the public service advert of your nightmares.

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MattHEW Highton - World’s Worst Death Scene

Slashed down in a shower, melted by a girl and her little dog too or just squashed by an ACME anvil - it’s time for this podcast to die in the World’s Worst Death Scene possible. Taking on this topic suggested by Patreon supporter Catherine Pugh is comedian Matthew Highton who revisits the third instalment in the legendary Basket Case trilogy. Remember guys? Remember Basket Case? Ah you do. No? Really? There’s also plenty of paltry perishing from Barry and Ben too, with diversions into Shakespeare and snuff films, Ancient Rome and Ethan Frome. This one has the occasional gross description, so do listen with care.

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glenn moore - world's worst newscaster

It's Worst Foot Forward here, on the hour, every hour, whatever the hour, with an episode all about the worst newscasters of all time.

We're joined by the eminently qualified Glenn Moore - a brilliant comedian and also the voice of the news on XFM. Together we hold our noses and explore the word moral depths of Fox News and someone who really belongs on there - Nancy Grace. We also find out more about the Moira Stewart of North Korea, the history of Town Criers and absolutely one of the funniest on-air gaffes in the history of newscasting.

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Masud milas - world's worst blaxploitation movie

*Cue outrageously funky wah-wah pedal and slick hi-hat action*

Flick up the collars of your trenchcoat, coiffure your Afro to perfection and get ready to lay some righteous Smackdown on Whitey and the establishment as we join comedian and radio host Masud Milas on a journey into the world of Blaxploitation films. As ever on our search for the worst of all time, we come across all sorts of horrifying wonders, including gay B-Movie Blaxploitation aliens from Mars, Dutch Angles, spitting on graves, pimps and whores galore and Melvin Van Peebles' penis.

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What, this old guff again? Yes but not as you know it, because Worst Foot Forward gets a reboot as we talk about the World’s Worst Remakes. Writer, performer, producer and director Tom Crowley helps us trawl through the sludge and slush in the sewer of humanity’s knock-offs and rip-offs. Barry - in a slightly feverish state - takes us sightseeing around terrible replicas of landmarks, Tom gives an in-depth analysis of a horror movie that undoes all the good work of its originator, and Ben trains both barrels on backstory-heavy computer games. This episode features ‘bridge Viagra’, Owen Wilson accents, and a stupidly lengthy discussion on the sex appeal of Pac-Man.

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tobi wilson - world's worst tv cartoon

Well knock us down with a steamroller, drop an anvil on us and throw us off a cliff because this week we're getting very animated in the company of Tobi Wilson. As a writer on the BAFTA-winning series 'The Amazing World of Gumball', Tobi talks us through some lesser lights of his chosen field as we peruse the World's Worst TV Cartoons. We reminisce about the Golden Age of Animation when such shows as Animaniacs, Freakazoid Sharks ruled the airwaves. Along the way, there are cartoon real-life boxers, money-trapping cash-ins and a whole Bible-load of superheroes. That's all folks!

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bisha k ali - world's worst horror movie

Woooooooo! WOOOOOOOOO! Look out behind you, because creeping up slowly in ghostly and macabre form is this week's episode about the worst horror movies ever projected on the silver screen. We're joined by writer and comedian Bisha K Ali for a blood/treacle-with-food-colouring-soaked journey through the world of F-movies, possessed lawnmowers and a former Star Trek officer dressed as a crow. Be afraid, be very afraid...

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christian talbot - world's worst screen actor

We settle a debate for the ages this week and line-up a selection of silver screen heavyweights (plus a few bantams) as we debate the worst screen actor of all time. Joined by the excellent comic Christian Talbot we talk about character actors without character, comedians who should've stuck to their day job, why Young Darth Vader would've been a better prequel than the ones George Lucas gave us and what its like to be let down by your heroes time after time. Lights, camera, action...cut! Do it again...

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ivo graham - world's worst kids movie

We're wearing our finest primary colour dungarees and are full of all the E-numbers as we get ready to indulge ourselves with the worst Kids Movies of all time. Joined by Mock the Week panellist and silken-voiced star of Live at the Apollo Ivo Graham, we uncover some timeless stinkers. If you want to find out about the one movie Whoopi Goldberg regrets, one of many which, sadly, Robin Williams seems not to and the classic Sidney Poitier's Ghost Dad, give this episode a listen.

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brydie lee-kennedy - world's worst teen movie

In this episode Worst Foot Forward sidles up to you at a school dance, drinks deeply from the red cup of awkwardness and asks you, the intriguing new kid, to dance before spilling Kool-Aid all over you and slipping over onto our arses in front of all the jocks from the football team.
“Tell me more, tell me more” you sing, for some reason.
Yes, we are looking at the World’s Worst Teen Movies in the company of performer, writer and podcaster Brydie Lee-Kennedy. We examine age discrepancies in Grease, the redemptive power of porn, Elvis starting fights in strip clubs and Sisqo’s Shakespearean roots.

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stuart goldsmith - world's worst heist movie

Today’s guest is Stuart Goldsmith, host of the excellent Comedian’s Comedian Podcast ( Stuart, with henchmen Barry and Ben, is masterminding a raid on the highly pregnable vault containing the World’s Worst Heist Movies. Within it, among the countless films called simply ‘The Heist’, we find the Nagasaki atom bomb, Mark Ruffalo’s smug acting and a regenerating Ice-T.

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thomas hescott - world's worst tv comedy

This episode is all about the funny - or not - as we settle down on the sofa, can our laughter and have our ribs tickled by the World’s Worst TV Comedies. Our guest is television and theatre director Thomas Hescott who was just this week named on BBC’s New Talent Hotlist 2017 for his work directing for TV. Tom brings us a real rare gem of a candidate from the archives of television purgatory. We also go for a drive in a talking car, discuss Spike Milligan’s lesser work and blast a Yorkshirewoman into space.

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