Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god…guys…

We’re doing a live show.


We’ve never done this before.


There are a hundred tickets to sell.


Okay. How hard can this be?

Yep. It’s really true. We’ll be bringing our first ever live recording of Worst Foot Forward to the VAULT Festival in Waterloo in London on February 29th 2020 at 4.30pm and we are absolutely terrified and delighted. We hope as many of our fab listeners can make it along as it would be nice to have a vaguely understanding audience in attendance.

The show is going to be the World’s Worst Dinner Party, with partygoers in the form of three very popular former pod-guests making welcome returns. We’ll have food from the Futurists’ Cookbook (an old favourite of ours) and there’ll be party games, audience interaction and the usual trivia and silliness aplenty. If you live in London, near London or near a place with transport links to London, come along and see if we hold it together when we actually have people watching us do this!

Tickets are available at this link!